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March for Science - Sticker Pair (2)


Every ÊMarch for Science Êsticker pair Êsold raises Ê$3 for ÊMarch for Science.

The Science, Not Silence Êsticker pair Êbrings science out of the lab and onto your gear. On April 22, 2017 hundreds of thousands of people worldwide participated Êin Marches for Science Êwith an unprecedented message - Science, Not Silence. With this little work of art by ÊPenelope Dullaghan.

      Product Details: ÊManufactured Êin Cleveland, Ohio, Êstickers are made of highest quality vinyl stock with a matte finish and 3" in diameter.

      Shipping: Ê ÊSticker ship worldwide via USPS.

      Note: ÊThe $3 contribution Êis not tax deductible.